Nothing Is Difficult!!Everything is a Challenge

Sitting at that dark side of life watching it’s view from a different angle. Expressing my emotions with a pen and a sheet of paper!No, I don’t really  plan pieces like this so let me say I express my emotions with my keyboard. *lol* I always love to express how I picture and see life in a writing. Nothing is difficult, they say!Everything is a challenge. Today’s post talks about challenges, and I repeat challenges. We all go through challenges irrespective of who we are, but who are we to give up on what we go through. It’s sad how people give up so easily on what they go through but this post tells us that it’s never to late to get what you want.Beware!!!This may happen to be a true story. One may ask, what is your biggest challenge in life?

I get surprised when people ask me, are you going through any challenges? Ah well, my biggest challenge in life was no being able to meet the requirements for my external exams after my four years of study at the University. I have waited too long for this and I feel my dreams have been shuttered. *What do you have on your mind now after 3 lines of this paragraph?* ‘Had I known’, a three word statement we always say when we feel we have wasted much time in life. It’s sad how sometimes you are not able to accomplish what is expected from you. Sometimes we hear voices, two different voices! One coming from a good direction telling you not to give up and the other coming from a bad direction telling you to give up!! *Will you listen to the good side or the bad side?* Everything is possible, like the wise will say ‘Never see yourself as a failure’.

Sometimes people look down on you but the whole truth is they don’t know what your journey is all about. There are times when you find yourself in situations where you feel like a misfit and all you think about is giving up on the people around you. There are good times and bad times and I believe *my fellow reader* admits that fact. Not being able to make ends meet is also a major challenge sometimes. I can count the number of times I have experienced problems financially, completing my four years of study at the University wasn’t easy and that was even the time when everybody around me ‘let me go’. *It’s sad*. I remember an article I once read which spoke about the Youth not practicing this simple advice, “Make hay while the sun shines”. I strongly I agree with this because I can use myself as an example to this simple advice and I guess that’s all we need to be successful

On the other hand, we go through certain situations in life and at the latter part of it we ask ourselves, “all this while was I beating a dead horse?’ People lose their love ones and life becomes very difficult for them. Challenges can actually make you feel useless in life and even give up on the people around you just because you don’t ‘fit in their clothes’. At this very moment in my life as I sit here to write this blog, I am facing a lot of challenges. I learn a lot from the wise man because he always tells me that, ‘A life without challenges is empty’

Now this is a time for you to take a very close look at your current life now, if you happen to be going through challenges it’s never late to face them. It’s just one of those things in life. Just say to yourself that I’M NEVER A FAILURE, I CAN MAKE IT’. I know it gets boring reading a long post sometimes so I will end here. I will be sending a post soon about my experience with the people of Dawhenya, a small town which can be located between Tema and Prampram. My Twitter name is @badmanazee , follow mefor more updates.



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