Closing the stable door after the horse has bolted!!!

|Typing| Waking up with a blissful feeling is the best thing that ever happened to me. Hearing the tweets made by the birds outside from my window greets me joy. A joy that fills my heart with hope! “The early morning mouth smells, but its full of wisdom.”  So is the mind which is very thoughtful in the morning. After reading this post, I am convinced much that you will be able to see through your mind. Its relatively a short post but has a wider image in the mind, hope you capture it my fellow reader!!!!

My grandfather died when I was quite young but his legacy definitely lives on. Indeed, he was a wealth of many wonderful wise sayings of which he thankfully ingrained into my mum. This earned him the title, “Wise Man”. My mother speaks metaphorically all the time and I grew up regularly hearing most of them. I had to bite my tongue, discuss some of the sayings with my pillow before getting a meaning to them.

The seed sowed into the soil of which I germinated grew up to be very green all the time until I met other species which made some of the leaves lose its green pigment. I was taken aback by this change in color and due to ignorance, I honestly had no idea about what had transpired. I spoke to some farmers and was given two reasons for the cause. Firstly, one said the discoloration was due to unfavorable weather conditions and the other said it was due to inadequate amount of nutrients in the soil. Both farmers came to a conclusion that all the leaves might fall off soon if nothing was done about it. I then asked myself two questions!!Will I wait for the leaves to fall off before something is than or I will wait when the leaves fall off, then I move the plant into another soil? |Laughs, *teasingly*!!Do not worry your head over this|

Well, in a nut shell: Why do we do things in a right way after its too late? Why cry over a spilled milk?Ridiculous!!!At that time in a persons life where everything seems very dark, in the bucket of water in which we bath full of regrets.  What happened before this method of farming was adopted, whereby farmers endeavoured  to make hay while the sun shines? I think they succeeded and relating this to life, it has helped a lot in so many ways. I cant believe myself living a life now which I have always wished to live but due to the diversity of species that came my way, it was the opposite!! I have been through a lot of challenges, some of which are worth giving up but I stand still…….!I endeavour not to drift away from what I have always wished for and wanted. Success!!!Everybody wants to be successful in life but it takes great effort to get there.

Now I am doing things in a right way |laughs, sarcastically!!|Like my mother always say, experience is what transforms people. Indeed, its more like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted. In other words, if the horse didn’t escape will you have closed the door?

Thank you for reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ghana Decides, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and a BloGh Project which aims at promoting a better informed electorate for free, fair and safe elections in December 2012 through the use of social media channels has organized its first online discourse using Google plus, a multilingual social networking and identity service owned and operated by Google Inc.

The first ever Ghana Decides social media dialogue deliberated on the promises that were made by the flag bearers of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), People’s National Convention and the Convention People’s Party at the just ended Institute of Economic Affairs Presidential (IEA) Debate and other matters of national interest.

The forum had participants from different backgrounds with diverse opinions on the deliveries from the various flag bearers and additional issues of national concern.

Among the issues that participants talked about were the Free Senior High School (SHS) Education proposed by the flag bearer…

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Spitting in public must be stopped!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May your blessed soul rest in perfect peace…We the youth of Ghana say Damirifa Due!!!!Damirifa Due!!!Damirifa Due!!!!

Typing 1:49pm………I want to the take this opportunity to express my condolences to the late President’s family, the government and the entire nation. This sudden and unexpected loss is not just a loss only to his family but to the nation as a whole. As we all observe the ‘one minute silence‘ in memory of our late President, John Evans Atta Mills, let’s keep in our mind that we are all one irrespective of where we are coming from or where we find ourselves. Even though we all have our own different perceptions about his death, I believe we can all be bold and say ‘I have learnt a lot of lessons from our President’.

I wont talk much about this, I reserve my thoughts for my next post which will be about some lessons I have personally learnt from our late President. (Lol!why am I wasting my time telling you). My main reason for writing today (some few minutes before the moment of silence) is to create an awareness to the general Public about something I think its a Public concern.

Well, as a concerned and proud  citizen of Ghana I sometimes find it very difficult to understand why some people spit in public places and find nothing wrong with it. I don’t mean to say this but is it a case of ignorance or what?EEEEISSSSHH!!!!

As a science student, I have always known and for the sake of people who are not aware, spitting is one of the various ways through which diseases like tuberculosis, influenza and common cold are spread.(just incase you don’t know what these diseases are..just visit lol). Do you know that spitting is considered rude and a taboo in most parts of the world, even in West Africa (say’s research, I haven’t traveled before!HA!!)

I get very surprised seeing all classes of people spitting in public places because they feel is part of our culture. But if I may ask, who said spitting is part of our culture? Spitting has become so normal that you find people spitting out of moving vehicles and even traffic as well. What will foreigners who observe this say about Ghana when they return  to their countries. (2:15pm, sssshhhhshh!!)

Moment of Silence………………………………………….(2:16pm)

Wow, you could literally hear the silence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I found myself in one situation where one lady, I mean well dressed and good looking spat towards my direction as I headed towards the junction. I had to question her why she is spitting indiscriminately. She was kinda getting furious and being very rude so I had to ignore her. To also address this issue, its that time of the month which Muslims describe as ‘Holy’. That is fasting in the month of Ramadan. I was talking to one my colleagues the other day, and this issue came up about people spitting in public places. He spoke bitterly about Muslims spitting about during this period so he said, “Aziz, this one of the reasons why I don’t buy food prepared my Muslims during this season”.  Well, I told him that Islamic scholars say its not a sin swallowing saliva during fasting. It doesn’t change anything so I wonder why people do that.

I am not against spitting but I think spitting in public doesn’t speak well of an individual. It is very common among Ghanaian these days. I believe we all had some sort of informal education with regard to courtesy when we were growing up so why have we put these aside and following the crowd blindly. Spitting in public is very disgusting

I strongly believe that the Ministry of Health should introduce programmes to educate people about some of the harmful effects of spitting. This will curb this indecent behavior so that it doesn’t become part of our culture. Spread the word…tell people to stop spitting about!!It is not RIGHT!!

Thank you for reading. In case you have some personal views or any question….just send your comments just below this post.

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The People of Sogakope

Another beautiful day at Sogakope. I woke up before the first cock row with a blissful feeling. Just before 6:00am, the birds started to sing expressing their joy at a new day. It is very convenient to post a blog right from your phone, and I repeat very convenient!! Even though I am far away from home, nothing could stop me from sharing my experiences with my fellow readers *I am grateful*. Due to school and work issues, I haven’t had much time to blog but here I am now!Back to my addiction *lol* I am very thankful to all my fellow readers, my blog wouldn’t have materialized without you. Beware this might be a long post.

I find myself in a place where I never wished to be or every thought of!Sogakope!Sogakope!Sogakope!!!!!
If you never heard of Sogakope, it is a capital of the South Tongu District in the Volta Region. Some say ‘Sogakofe’, others say ‘Sogakope’.Which ever way is right! The international highway from Togo through Ghana to Cote D’Ivoire passes through Sogakope.

Ewe is the first language of the people of Sogakope and getting them to understand me was a problem. I never had any encounter with Ewes while growing up, however I know much about them!I honestly don’t know how but I guess it is through social networks such as Twitter and Facebook!To be precise Twitter I must say *Ha*
The wise man says, ‘it’s not good to know too much sometimes but one must be able to know enough to be able to get along’. Some of you don’t know anything much about Ewes, but you follow the crowd and the just paint them black. You sit behind your computers and phones, and tweet *shit* about Ewes when you know it’s not right. I wish I could mention names!!

The long and short about all this is that, I was put at the dark side and I had this impression for them. Visiting an Ewe town, I realized that you don’t always have to listen to what people say. My heart skips a beat every time any of the people approach me. I was at the District Hospital where I’m currently doing my clinicals. Sogakope is a very neat town and their district hospital says it all!One of the nicest district hospitals I have ever visited and well organized. I always play with the corner around my teeth each time the people approach me by speaking Ewe. Ewe is their first language so I find it very difficult to communicate with them. Interacting with them the more, I realized that they believe we are all one people irrespective of which tribe you are or where you are coming from.





At mid-afternoon, when the sun was at it’s zenith.I decided to explore the town even though it was my first time. My eyes went bloodshot as I saw women and old people using Motor Bikes (Okada) as their means of transportation. It was very obvious that fewer cars were used in Sogakope as compared to the use of Okada and bicycles.
Very important on the Sogakope route is the Sogakope Bridge across the lower Volta River. The Volta River has very good tilapia and you will be surprised about the price if you should ask. I also realized that cost of living is very low in Sogakope as compared to cost of living in Accra which is very high. 5ghc they say should take you throughout the week *Wow*. They have so many variety of foods some of which I can’t even remember their names *lol*.




Just after the Sogakope Bridge is the Holy Trinity SPA. *OMG* you should see this place. I need a relaxation therapy already….*lol*.Anytime you happen to use this road, pass by to get some good treat.There are a lot of hawkers just after and before the toll booth that leads to the town. Buy some Aboloo, Ayigbe Biscuit or Dorkovi *Ha*




In fact I just fell in love with Ewes, you always don’t have to listen to what people say, go out there and explore. Don’t sick back and say things you don’t know. We are all one, lets work hand in hand to build a better nation.* That Ewe girl tho, I still cant take my mind off her* Hahahahha!

Thanks y’all for reading!My twitter handle is @badmanazee , follow me for more updates

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Nothing Is Difficult!!Everything is a Challenge

Sitting at that dark side of life watching it’s view from a different angle. Expressing my emotions with a pen and a sheet of paper!No, I don’t really  plan pieces like this so let me say I express my emotions with my keyboard. *lol* I always love to express how I picture and see life in a writing. Nothing is difficult, they say!Everything is a challenge. Today’s post talks about challenges, and I repeat challenges. We all go through challenges irrespective of who we are, but who are we to give up on what we go through. It’s sad how people give up so easily on what they go through but this post tells us that it’s never to late to get what you want.Beware!!!This may happen to be a true story. One may ask, what is your biggest challenge in life?

I get surprised when people ask me, are you going through any challenges? Ah well, my biggest challenge in life was no being able to meet the requirements for my external exams after my four years of study at the University. I have waited too long for this and I feel my dreams have been shuttered. *What do you have on your mind now after 3 lines of this paragraph?* ‘Had I known’, a three word statement we always say when we feel we have wasted much time in life. It’s sad how sometimes you are not able to accomplish what is expected from you. Sometimes we hear voices, two different voices! One coming from a good direction telling you not to give up and the other coming from a bad direction telling you to give up!! *Will you listen to the good side or the bad side?* Everything is possible, like the wise will say ‘Never see yourself as a failure’.

Sometimes people look down on you but the whole truth is they don’t know what your journey is all about. There are times when you find yourself in situations where you feel like a misfit and all you think about is giving up on the people around you. There are good times and bad times and I believe *my fellow reader* admits that fact. Not being able to make ends meet is also a major challenge sometimes. I can count the number of times I have experienced problems financially, completing my four years of study at the University wasn’t easy and that was even the time when everybody around me ‘let me go’. *It’s sad*. I remember an article I once read which spoke about the Youth not practicing this simple advice, “Make hay while the sun shines”. I strongly I agree with this because I can use myself as an example to this simple advice and I guess that’s all we need to be successful

On the other hand, we go through certain situations in life and at the latter part of it we ask ourselves, “all this while was I beating a dead horse?’ People lose their love ones and life becomes very difficult for them. Challenges can actually make you feel useless in life and even give up on the people around you just because you don’t ‘fit in their clothes’. At this very moment in my life as I sit here to write this blog, I am facing a lot of challenges. I learn a lot from the wise man because he always tells me that, ‘A life without challenges is empty’

Now this is a time for you to take a very close look at your current life now, if you happen to be going through challenges it’s never late to face them. It’s just one of those things in life. Just say to yourself that I’M NEVER A FAILURE, I CAN MAKE IT’. I know it gets boring reading a long post sometimes so I will end here. I will be sending a post soon about my experience with the people of Dawhenya, a small town which can be located between Tema and Prampram. My Twitter name is @badmanazee , follow mefor more updates.


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My Life Never Got Better


I find myself taking a deep look at that dark side of life!I wish I could take my eyes off it sometimes but it is just difficult for me. Now it is time for me to have a different outlook about life. I have learnt so many things in life as an individual and also the people around me. Sometimes we make certain mistakes in our life and we wish we could reverse time to correct all those mistakes. If Life is really a teacher, why are our mistakes not corrected? I am writing this blog with so much pain, a pain which I classify as a psychological pain! Why am I scared now? Why do I exist? What is my mission in life? So many unanswered questions!!!! When I was a kid, my mummy used to tell me that you never know what life is until you have lived it.

Life is like a box of chocolate to me, I never know which of them I was gonna pick from the box!!Growing up was never easy, so many challenges and barriers but yet I survived all of them. My downs in life was much greater than the ups that come my way. I let go so many opportunities and I never had the chance to see them again.
Opportunity they say comes at once, so many times I have been told but yet I ignored this simple advice. Here I am now battling with life in a very hurtful way… I just feel much hurt than I have always felt. I have been let down so many times in life both by myself and the things around me.

It is very depressing when you feel you are drifting away from your set goals and you don’t seem to have control over them. Sometimes you wish you had it like other people, but trust me no place is cool.You always gotta be content with what you have. That’s one of the easiest way to make it in life. My life has been very messy and I wish I never met certain people in my life sometimes, but I just realized that people come into your life for so many reasons. I fought a war which wasn’t my war, even though I won!It brought me so much pain than joy..

Ahhh well!!This is a step in life for me to be content with where I find myself right now and enjoy whatever I am doing right now!!The long and short of this post is that we have to make good use of every single day we experience in our lives. Grab every opportunity that comes our way!You never know the good or bad it’s going to bring to you. Remember everything you go through in life happens for a reason, never give up! Everybody has a sad past, make sure you don’t allow thoughts of it in your current life..because it’s gonna affect you in so many ways! I have done many regretful things in the past, and sometimes I just feel I’m just facing the prices of the things I did!!! Happiness is really a debt for me and I owe myself much…I know one day, some day God will make a way for me because it feels like there is no other way!!
*Coughs* I’m writing much than I thought, it gets boring reading a long post!!I will end here and continue my story later..thanks for your time 😀

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Things We All Go Through In Our Relationships……

At 3:00am  Just as I sit behind my computer to write this blog, for some minute I thought I was dreaming!!! All of a sudden I heard a strange voice whispering to me, ”Wake Up Aziz, Wake Up!!” The loud howls made by the dogs and strong wind put so much fear in me. My heart beats out loud like the sound made by a ‘fontonfrom drum’ saying “What is wrong Aziz, What is wrong?’ Oh I forgot to say hi to my fellow readers, please forgive me!! Like I always say in my previous post, ‘I love to share my thoughts and express my feelings in a writing to make understanding very easy.” You don’t need to tell me, we all get tired of reading sometimes because it gets boring. Well I don’t even know what Im writing about at the moment *covers face* Stay tuned I will be back in the next two hours!!Thank You!!!!



At 5:00am Beware this is just an experience I’m sharing with you.

Like every aspect of life, we all need to love and to be loved by someone. Human Beings are very important in our lives and I just don’t understand why people live without friends or people. Like my mother always tell me, ‘ Don’t condemn all your friends because one betrayed you.” What happens when we give our heart to someone we love so much, all they do is take advantage of the fact that we love them. Sometimes you think about how many times you have been hurt in a relationship and all you say to yourself is “I will just stay single forever”. Before I want to ask you one question my fellow reader, ‘What we call Perfect Relationship does it really exist?” I guess every relationship has its own problems, I personally disagree with people who think a relationship can be perfect. It’s sad how some people take a stress in a relationship as the most common forms of stress in their lives. Get to the Mental Hospital and see for yourself, about 70% of the patients there are suffering from a relationship stress. Dealing with this can be very difficult sometimes. However we have to deal with it before we throw in the towel.

#1 We are all different people

We are all different people and we have different ways of reacting to situations. It is important to realize that the person you are in a relationship with is human, as you are. When there is a situation try and put yourself in your partners shoes and see things from the angle. I have just come to realize that somethings hat seem  minor to me me, may be major to other people around me. I personally think this is where understanding comes in.


#2 Don’t expect people to change to meet your needs

There is a saying which says when you make someone finally have you, they stop doing all the things they did to have you. This is also one thing that causes problems in most relationships as you try to accept the person for who he/she is. Sometimes we lose the attraction we have for people based on their attitude and reactions. Appreciate them for who they are to avoid any stress in the relationship


#3 Avoid playing the blame game

Most relationship breakups are caused by one always playing  the blame game. When there is a problem, don’t blame your partner even when you know they are wrong and you are right. It adds more pressure in relationships and what happens in the end, you both think things are not working out for each other because you feel there is always a problem. All you have to do in this situation is to try and focus on how to make things workout and not ignoring who is at fault and who is not.

Don’t blame me, it’s not my fault



#4 It takes two to make a relationship successful

It takes two to make a relationship successful. It’s not even each giving 50%, it’s each giving 100% into the relationship. If you’re both doing all you can to make the relationship work, then it will be a more peaceful relationship between the two of you and the better it will flow. The more you communicate with that special person, the more likely they will be to also communicate more with you. The more clear you are with each other, the less misunderstandings and upsets you will have.

The long and short of all the above is that, we all go through major and minor problems in our relationships. Some we don’t even have control over but the above listed can help you deal with certain situations in your relationship…….I will like to end this post here as it gets boring reading a long post. Thanks for your time and God bless you.


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